90% of bowel cancers are successfully treated if found early but fewer than 40% are detected early.

Only $20 with free testing.


This year 17,004 Australians will be told they have bowel cancer with 1,313 under the age of 50.

Only $20 with free testing.


Last year our simple bowel cancer test kit saved the lives of 240 Queenslanders.

Only $20 with free testing.


Thank you for your support in 2021, we look forward to opening kit sales in 2022.

Bowel cancer remains the second biggest cancer killer in Australia today.

Over 80 Australians die from the disease each and every week. However if detected early, bowel cancer is 90% curable.

The facts about Bowel Cancer

The following people have battled bowel cancer and survived.

They explain how a Bowelscan test really did save their lives.

After taking Rotary’s annual test for many years I missed one year. Luckily I did a follow up test and cancer was detected. It’s scary, I had no symptoms. The only way you can be confident that you are in control of your life as far as bowel cancer is concerned is to take annual tests. Rotary makes it easy by promoting a convenient quality test throughout the month of May. It will not prevent cancer but for me the early detection means less invasive treatment and an improved prognosis. Buy a kit, use it and return a sample, for your family’s sake.

Anthony Wills

I only missed two years and that's all it took for me to be in serious trouble. It was such a shock to hear that the test came back with three positives.

Max Bissett
Redland Bay

I would certainly endorse Bowelscan and would urge everyone to take the test each year in the hope of detecting bowel cancer at the earliest possible stage.

Roy McQueen
Victoria Point

I was so lucky that the test caught the cancer when it did. It scares me to think had I left it any longer I might not be here to watch my grandchildren grow up.

Robert Muller

Australian Rotary Bowelscan. is the initiative of over 300 Rotary Clubs across Australia.

The programme runs during two months every year to raise the awareness of the risks of bowel cancer and to encourage Australian's most at risk to take the annual test.

With the support of hundreds of pharmacies throughout Australia, the programme distributes Bowelscan testing kits to local communities, giving people the opportunity to test themselves early and regularly enough to have a fighting chance at survival.

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Thank you for your support in 2021, we look forward to opening kit sales in 2022.